Tribulations in Borneo

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Olivier lelièvre lived more than one year within the tribe of the Kenyah, in the heart of Borneo. The author describe in this book the daily life of the Kenyah, its meetings with the Penan, the last nomadic people of this very large island, and its own life with men that he learn to know patiently.

"Balan is an account similar to these ones of the formerly explorers who wrote road books cover of personal impressions and of enthralling notes taken from life. It is a serious work written in a simple manner that a large public, not only this one in love with Borneo or with Asia, will surely enjoy. Balan, Kenyah among the Kenyah, offer to us, in addition to a well documented ethnographic material, a report of its experiment, full with poetry and emotion.

With Balan, it is not the difference that is important, but the similarity between all the people and their everyday life. The reader must not expect to test the small shiver that can give the books about cannibal horror (which confort the reader in his superiority of civilize person) but rather this one that give sane emotions, love and friendship between people, whatever they are."

Extract from the preface by B. Sellato (CNRS)

PUBLISHER : Peuples du Monde

300 pages, 35 color prints, 16 pictures black and white.

Preface by Bernard Selatto, anthropologist ECASE, CNRS.

Size : 23 x 16 cm, bound

Only in french version

ISBN : 2-907629-08-5

110 FFR

Stock exhausted : only available from the author.


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