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Toraja :
Under the glance of the ancestors

A book by O.Lelièvre
















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Sulawesi is the fourth largest island of the immense indonesian archipelago. In the south, in a valley surrounded by mountains, one of the most beautiful of Indonesia, live the Toraja.

Remainded isolated until the beginning of the XX° century, this area attracts a growing number of travellers. It seems that this opening on the modern world however did not yet deteriorate the feeling of historical and ethnical identity of these people.

Still nowadays, in their mountains of the end of the world, the Toraja build splendid houses. These particular dwellings are a representation in miniature of their universe and a point of rallying for all the family.

Another characteristic of the Torajas, is the complex and sumptuous funeral rite which give prestige to the family in mourning, and which allow the dead person to join its ancestors and ensure his descendance a long and happy life... under the glance of the ancestors.

This book is an invitation to discover slowly, and with respect, the beautiful land and the rich culture of the Toraja.

Publisher : Peuples du Monde

Only in french version

144 pages, 120 colour prints

Size 25 cm X 23 cm, Bound

ISBN : 2-907629-41-7

190 FFR


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